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Crazy For You 

Love & Nine Lives Series Book 3

The man I want I’ve never met, and the man I need lives right across from me.

As the saying goes; always the bridesmaid never the bride. That’s me. Always the wingman and matchmaker to my two crazy besties. However, my life goes upside down when my new, extremely fine neighbor enlists my help ridding his office of a stray cat.

Kazuya Henderson is unlike any man I’ve encountered before. He’s successful, sexy, and is just as much of a closet nerd as I am. We hit it off and I can’t help but wonder if we’ve met in some other life.
There’s just one issue. There’s someone else. Someone who’s face I’ve never seen. Someone I’ve never met but known for years. Someone I’ve fantasized about falling in love with in my dreams. My secret best friend. And he’s met someone too.

Crazy for You is a sexy-hot stand-alone romance featuring a buxom gamer, a well-educated nerd, and an extremely fluffy cat.


About Kylie Stewart

Kylie Stewart feels like she's lived a million lifetimes. From working racehorses in Kentucky, to lending her voice to various anime and video games, she's loved every minute of it. However, writing is the one true passion and constant in her life starting at the age of five. Kylie writes romance novels with big hearted heroes and independent heroines in small towns. Best friends, family dynamics, and simple living are her vibe. 


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